MOOPX solutions will change your business strategies
Consultancy Services

MOOPX brings together high experts in business planning and IT strategy, helping clients to maximize the value of ongoing technology investments. As your business grows and evolves, your IT strategy must evolve with it.

1- IT services outsourcing.
2- ITIL management process.
3- Business Impact Analysis, Risk Asses.

Security Services

MOOPX has the expertise and the track record to help clients to protect their networks and data from both external and internal security threats. MOOPX is an IT partner that you can trust to deal with any crucial concerns on your behalf.

1- Internet Penetration test & Security Awareness.
2- IT security policies.
3- Cyber Defense & Information Protection.

Virtualization Solutions

MOOPX’s virtual solutions help the organizations to utilize their IT infrastructure in a cost-effective way and respond to the new business initiatives with high flexibility.

1- Server virtualization.
2- Desktop virtualization.
3- Application virtualization.


Infrastructure Solutions

MOOPX Infrastructure solutions can reduce your administrative overhead, free your talent to focus on strategic opportunities, and deliver consistent and measurable IT infrastructure improvements.

1-Data Network Infrastructure implementation.
2- Access Control System.
3- VOIP System implementation.
4- Thin client solutions.

Online Solutions

MOOPX offers new online innovation solutions that are cost effective and very important in today’s business markets.

1- Mobile Device Management
2- E-commerce Internet Solutions
3- Internet retail services
4- Online Mobile Applications


Data Center Solutions

The importance of effective management of increasingly large amounts of data is prompting many companies to significantly upgrade their current operations, or to create brand new data centers from Greenfield.

1- Modular Data Center Design
2- Data Center Cabling System Infrastructure
3- Data Center Disaster recover.